Monday, April 11, 2011

Creating silkscreened limited edition prints from a detailed drawing.

I love to make artwork to share with multiple friends and collectors. Silkscreening limited edition runs make it feasible to do so. It allows me to make many pieces that are almost duplicates but at the same time there are small nuance differences that makes them each a fine art piece.  This piece is a limited edition run of 39 called "The End of an Era." It is 18x24 printed on brown paper.
"The End of an Era."-print-final print ©Forest Stearns
The process starts with a detailed drawing. I spend a lot of time developing interesting subject matter that will add to the narrative of the illustration. Using pencil, I can erase and redraw the lines so that quality is tight and can be used as final line work when I deveop the screens to print.
"The End of an Era." drawing detail1 ©Forest Stearns

"The End of an Era." drawing detail2 ©Forest Stearns

"The End of an Era." drawing detail3 ©Forest Stearns

"The End of an Era." drawing detail4 ©Forest Stearns

"The End of an Era." drawing detail5 ©Forest Stearns

"The End of an Era." drawing detail6 ©Forest Stearns

"The End of an Era." drawing detail7 ©Forest Stearns

"The End of an Era." drawing detail8 ©Forest Stearns
 After spending the right amount of time with my nose to the paper, I get to develop the layers.
"The End of an Era." just color pre-line work.  ©Forest Stearns
 The piece goes to print and multiple layers are screened onto the surface to build up the colors in kind a reverse order. The final line work with I had previously drawn gets printed on last and it all comes together! Another great thing about doing editions is that the ones that get messed up become pieces that I can paint on and experiment with.
"The End of an Era." painted experiment on print  ©Forest Stearns
This piece I painted over the screened colors with acrylic and colored pencil to make the inherently flat screened surface  much more rendered and modeled.

I will put these prints available for sale in the blog store soon. Enjoy!