Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Love

Happy Bunny Day
Some Easter Bunny holiday love for yall!! Page killers in sharpie on random paper. ENJOY!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Making moves with my friend Arian Stevens

A buddy of mine has been taking amazing photographs for a while now and he recently got intouch with me about having a show together up in the Portland area. Mr. Greenwood (Arian Stevens) caught up with me in SF when I did a live art show with DJ Shadow at Amoeba Records. Four Letters Clothing and I had out the spread of amazing clothing and the scene was great! Here is the fruits of his shoot there. I am fully inspired by his work and it will be an exciting challenge to put together a body of work the is as good as the stuff he is putting out there.

This is from his site:

Forest Stearns and DJ Shadow Rock the House in SF


ForestStearns throwing down some paint during the DJ Shadow Amoeba show…the final painting auctioned off later…Forest also designed the limited edition poster…using the classic silk screen technique …more shots to come…A
a few more from the SF trip…

here’s a few more including members of the fourletters crew, and some amoeba crew!!”