Chakra Nation logo no letters
Recently I finished an interesting commercial job for a company called Chakra Nation from Humboldt County. The job ranged from nude and clothed figurative work all the way to ornate logo design, a good challenge for sure.
The first piece is the logo design, effective both with and without the letters.
Chakra Nation logo with title
The second  is a total reinterpretation of the traditional chakra symbols.  I maintained a geometric trueness to the original but made it funky and stylistic.
Top 2 Chakra
Middle 2 chakra
Bottom 3 chakra
I am excited to see these logos huge size on shirts.
Figure 1
The second set of illustrations were figurative.
figure 2
We evolved the idea from a set of nudes to full clothed models in specific outfits. Very challenging transition.
Umbrella Female
All in all a great learning experience.