Saturday, December 26, 2009

Show in Portland linked by Juxtapoz


Arian Greenwood Stevens and I have been planning on having a show in Portland for some months now. Between my crazy grad school schedule and his amazing
prolific career we have made it work. Someone Gallery in Portland is going to exhibit our works for the months of November and December. I will be flying up to
do live art at the show, should be quite fun!  Juxtapoz
linked to the show here:

September 30, 2009 – Wednesday Oct 30Th Last Fri. Art Showcase w/ Arian Stevens & Forest Stearns
Someone Gallery

2718 SW Kelly St. Portland OR. 97217

Arian Stevens & Forest Stearns will be showing their work from Oct.30Th - Dec.25Th @ Someone Gallery

Arian Stevens has been shooting all forms of photography for the past 13 years.
Growing up in the Sierra Nevada’s of California he photographed what surrounded him. The outdoors, adventure, and people.

Moving to Portland in 2005 to explore the possibilities a big / small city could offer, he came across a whole new realm not offered in rural areas.

Shooting both natural light and creative flashes, he captures a unique perspective that is truly artistic.

Arian’s work has been featured in promos for the living Legends, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, and many many of our fine North West entertainment scene.

Check out his photo blog at

Forest Stearns born the only child of artistically adventurous parents in the vast jungle of the Sierra Nevada, Graduate of Humboldt State now a graduate
student at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Being the founding member of Empire Squared, a monster of an art collective out of Humboldt County,
he is amazingly prolific and afraid of nothing. With emphasis on strong line work his work walks the line between spooky organic and super graffiti
illmatic. Biomorphic characters infest his works illustrating tales of wanderlust and creepy passion. He is a professional children’s book illustrator and
has been part of more than 80 months of fine art shows. Nothing is Safe from use in his artistic arsenal from watercolor to spray paint, sharpie markers to
chalk pastels, the embodiment of DRAWEVERYWHERE. He loves to ride his bike on midnight missions eating burritos and rocking pieces. Come visit
Someone Gallery and see Forest Stearns amazing work from Friday Oct 30Th to Dec. 25Th 2009.
The Opening for this show will be on.. Oct.30Th @ Someone Gallery Theshow will run for 2 months. At the opening on Oct. 30Th There will be amazing
art work, Live music by Retake Trio and free Beverage for adults with valid ID plus odourves and good people come down and support your local art scene.

Someone Gallery

Someone Gallery is brand new to the down town Portland area. Located right next door to PSU at 2718 SW Kelly, Someone Gallery is part of a much bigger
multi-faceted project. The layout of our building has a wide variety of hardwood flooring everywhere you look making our presentation space immaculate.
The Gallery is also part of the Someone Clothing shop, where artist Someone offers tons of art-driven clothing and one-of-a-kind products plus he continues
the art shows with his own art, which will be on permanent display. We keep two artists up for two months at a time, and there is a room downstairs that we
have dedicated solely to art installations. Though the shows run for two months, the installation room will be painted every month at the Last Friday party we
throw. Along with our monthly parties, we also have in-store performances and events frequently, so keep posted to and come
visit us soon!
Location : Someone Gallery: 2718 SW Kelly Ave, Portland, OR, 97201
Contact :

Friday, December 4, 2009

Book signing in Hometown for The Wonderful Adventures of Ozzie the Sea Otter

Bay Publishing of Humboldt County and Forest Stearns have recently released a wonderful children’s book,
Ozzie checks out an octopus

  “The Wonderful Adventures of Ozzie the Sea Otter, is to be celebrated by a hometown crowd in early December thanks to two wonderful hosts. SNAC; Sierra Nevada Adventure Company, and American Association of University Women. As well as a prolific artist, Stearns is an avid outdoor enthusiast and was employed by SNAC while going to Columbia Junior College. Now working on a Masters degree in illustration, he is a great example for those excelling in art and wanting to further their education and experience in university. In Murphys Ca, on Friday Dec. 4th from 5 to 9, in conjunction with the Holiday art parade, Stearns will be signing at SNAC. On Saturday the 5th, there will be a morning signing in Columbia with the University Women, and an afternoon signing at SNAC in downtown Sonora. The publisher Ron Andrews will be present at the signing with plenty of signed books to go around.” Quoted Press release.
Ozzie and Mother at Sunset in Monterey
The Wonderful Adventures of Ozzie the Sea Otter, is authored by Nora Dohlke of El Dorado Hills. It chronicles the exploits of young Ozzie the sea otter and his mother, as they travel from Monterey Bay to Prince William Sound, Alaska.
Ozzie the Sea Otter meets his River Otter Cousins
A link from the local paper Calaveras Enterprise about the event:
Ozzie finds glass float