Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hoodie logo design for FireDrums

FireDrums Hoodie graphic illustration design ©Forest Stearns

FireDrums is an event that I have become involved in through a process of social absorption. A group of friends throw this amazing festival and I have designed the logo for it and 2 other of its sister festivals. I hear that there are a few of these hoodies left if you like it.  If you are interested in fire spinning and want to be inspired out of your mind, check it out

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tee Shirt logo for The Bay Area Record Rockers

©Forest Stearns

I love some good funky break beats and my friend Solo has been spinning this sound for over a decade now. We meet over 10 years now when Sonik brought him  and his crew down to our apartment in Santa Barbara, we raged a great outside block party from the balcony keeping all of the neighbors awake with thumping bass. The days of SB are a memory now but Solo has always kept in touch. We have talked about doing a project together of some sort and now it is a pleasure to have created the new RR shirt graphic. He wanted old school wild style so I pull this rabbit out the hat. Nothing but fresh.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Characters that started as a live art piece.

Live art ©Forest Stearns
It is always a blast to get on stage and do a piece of art REALLY FAST with a large group of undulating viewers behind you roaring with voices and dance moves. This piece was painted at a fashion show music event. At the event I was only working with black and white and the piece only took around 2 hours. It was a really fun experiment of creating depth and having foreground flat decorative elements.  I liked the piece, and the session in the studio I painted it like a coloring book full of expressive color. It is now in the private collection of Scott Cocking. It is also being printed on clothing through Four Letters. So fun!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Dynasty of Horses

©Forest Stearns

Painting someone's beloved pets is never an easy job. The client always has a picture in their mind of what the animal represents and it is a challenge to translate this through an art medium. This specific commission was to capture seven of the families horses that they had owned and rode for the last 20 years. It all came down to a nice flowing composition to play the excitement across the painting. The light sources on the reference were all different so I had to go for the more graphic and less rendered approach. Putting a shell around each face made them flatten out and the modeling became less necessary. The client was very pleased with the outcome of the piece in the end. I love horses so this painting was a joy.

Fire Smoothie logo design

©Forest Stearns
This is a great example of what you get when you do an illustration for people that you are super inspired by. Aileen Lawlor and Noel Yee are working together on an amazing object manipulation duo that rocks the scene. There chemistry is great and their technique is world class. So, that means that I had to come correct with a strong graphic illustration.  Capturing the action of both liquid and fire as it swirls heaven bound.

Logo design for Headphones and Hand-grenades

©Forest Stearns
A logo development job for a recording lab called Headphones and Hand-grenades. The point was to graphically show the two nouns together to form another image. Being a fan of skulls, I made the pins fall right into the eye holes  and the negative space in the phones became a perfect necro-contour.

My translation of the sacred geometry in chakras

Forest Stearns
Four of a series of seven interpretations of chakra designs. I really pushed my self to stay true to the original sacred geometry and translate it into my own artistic style with strong line work and form. They are all true to color as well. The client was very picky and I was pushed through many rounds before getting her vision to flow through my pen. A success in the end. These pieces are to be screen printed on clothing as big as possible. They will look beautiful.
Forest Stearns
The Chakra Nation logo is an amalgam of a few sections of the chakra geometry and has a flow of bubbles reminiscent of old school graff fills.  The challenge of this piece was to get it to look a bit weightless and I fought it until making it a bit top heavy which added lift. Success!

Logo design for Camacho's chorizo

©Forest Stearns
This is a fun character for Camacho's chorizo packaging in Sonora Ca. Keeping the line work simple and with varied thickness always makes for a good character based logo. They have been making me amazing burritos for over 10 years and here is their latest adventure. She is a hottie for sure.

Logo for Arch.

©Forest Stearns
A branding logo for a project called Arch. The shape being a lower case 'a' with a looming shadow casting upon it. I could never really pinpoint if the character was nefarious or just strolling peacefully.

Ozzie the Otter book spread

 Ozzie the Otter, or more properly "The Wonderful Adventures of Ozzie the Sea Otter,' has been out for a while now and I want to celebrate it by showing you a few of it's spreads. This first piece is the front cover wrap, the left side being the back of the book and the right being the main cover illustration. The lettering is all hand written for the title. Finished in traditional media of watercolor and color pencils, then cleaned and dialed digitally this book cover was quite a undertaking. The publisher went rounds with the format size and I had to go rounds with the composition. It turned out nicely.
 The meeting of the Young Sea Otter and Oscar the Octopus in a tide pool is the start of a dramatic set of pages.In this spread I was really challenged by this piece to create motion and transparency in the water while giving Oscar a solid stance in approaching the Otter. Watercolor, color pencil and a bit of digital fade does the trick.
The book is set up in 3 chapters and illustrates the young Ozzie's adventures from Monterey Bay all the way to Anchorage AK. This spread shows the map on the right in homage of old school sailor charts. On the left are whales moving past a small character of the fishing boat 'Osprey' that I worked on in AK years ago. Throughout this book, I was able to have references to my own friends and adventure to Alaska. Adding peoples names and faces to characters who were and are part of my life. This book was a blast for that.

'Cityville' children's book cover illustration

This is a piece I did for the cover of a children's book called 'Cityville,' where the reader is shown the amazing contrasts and similarities of urban and rural life.

'Animals of California' Children's book page examples

This is a set of illustrations from a book I have recently finished writing and illustrating. The theme is the animals of my native state California. With creative writing help from the beloved April Joseph, (who was just accepted to Naropa Institute!!!) I created a book with informational rhymes for each critter. Spanning from the Pacific Ocean and crossing all 5 major geographic regions of California, the reader will have an artistic adventure. It was a great challenge to capture each of the 24 animals in a fitting gesture. They are all consistent in style some fit to hug like Kira River Otter and others might make you want to steer clear like Jay Porcupine.
This is the book on a display shelf with the original paintings surrounding. It was a good 24 feet wide in its open accordion format by 8" tall on the shelf. Hand lettered on the front and insides with my signature font styles.

Post Card for thesis show

This was a killer show and I will have to have an entire post dedicated to the event.

Poster illustration for promo flyer

Here is a poster illustration I did as a promotional for  A surly bloke all tattoo up and full of character. A fun blaster of color and attitude. I used a few different illustrations to create the tattoos and the shirt logo. It is always fun to recycle!  Maybe it will end up on the business card.

DJ Spinna album illustrations

 This was a great series of character based illustrations I executed for New York's DJ Spinna, and Female Fun Records. Each piece was a different mix that had to have a specific visual theme. From Hip-House, Reggae-Dub, Brazilian, and a tribute to Quincy. The character of Spinna remained in the same posture but changed in specific outfits. The challenge was to make him look at home in each scene, cruising through with boxes of records. Using my own hand writing as the font and rendering in ball point over acrylic to keep that grimy rough look, is exactly what he wanted.

Starting with a simple D-Face

This is character sheet based on an exercise of starting with the same D-shaped heads. Students in my class at the time told me that it was impossible to come up with an interesting character without a complex contour. BS to that, I rocked a line of the letter D, then proceeded to pack the shapes with features, that with good balance, became very interesting characters.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Figure Painting inspired by time spent in Greece. Part 3.

'The Energy,' This piece was conceived while painting in Greece but came to fruition in Humboldt after my return. My goal was to create energy in earth tones while keeping the figure grounded,  Size: 2'x3',  Media: Acrylic and multimedia, Project: figurative painting series inspired by painting and traveling in Greece.

Figure Painting inspired by time spent in Greece, Part 2.

 'The Balance,' diptych. The two engaged figures form an interlocking shape, like seeing one person in two ways. Gemini personalities forming one complete whole.
Size: 2'x6' diptych,  Media: Acrylic and multimedia, Project: figurative painting series inspired by painting and traveling in Greece.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Figure Painting inspired by time spent in Greece.

 'Pensive,' is a fun adventure into multimedia from an Acrylic base. Using Korean newsprint paper and satin medium I created an interesting platform for the figure to sit and stare at the viewer. With energetic colors she sits like a lion on a perch ready to spring into action. 

Size: 2'x3',  Media: Acrylic and multimedia, Project: figurative painting series