Saturday, November 12, 2011

The importance of having artistic community.

It is awesome to be part of such the thriving DIY artistic community on . There are many a websites that showcases the portfolios of artists but only a few that really foster an arena for prolific dialog about the arts. The community is vast in levels of talent and amazingly rich with support and critique. Rather that just showcasing the best of the best, it is truly a venue or artist who show up with the best of PRACTICE.  Over 18million users globally use the site in every medium and theme I can think of.  I have seen the world through a lot of lenses, most of with are jaded by intentions that are non-artistic and super insular.  It is refreshing for me to see super talented famous artists and really stoked junior high artists chatting in the same forum groups,  helping each other in critique. I am very inspired to be a part of it.

Today one of my piece was chosen to be a 'Daily Deviation,' and in the 12 hours that it has been on the list thousands of members of the community have viewed the piece and hundreds of artists have given me feedback. I do not know any of these people, but I can now have an artistic dialog with them. Pretty amazing to have that much buzz, and exciting to know the arts are viral. Maybe the economy is tanking, but the creative spark is alive and well.

The piece that was chosen is called ' Get Some Air.' A fun digital painting of a chillin goldfish. (are they goldfish if they are not gold?)
'Get Some Air',
Painted in Forest Stearns 2011
Thanks C. Amat for the inspiration

As a successful artist you have to be resilient and be able to adapt to new media.   dA muro is a great archway between traditional mark-making and digital responsiveness.  You pick up a new medium, it takes a bit to be able to speak your own style through the new marks. Not unlike a watercolor paintbrush or a chalk pastel for the first time, it takes some getting used to for sure. It is pretty straight forward and with practice it is as awesome as any other medium you are stoked on.

Here are some other pieces I have made with dA muro.

Animal Style,  Painted in
 ©Forest Stearns 2011

'Cover Your Eyes',
Painted in ©Forest Stearns 2011 
'Modal Monters'
Painted in ©Forest Stearns 2011 
So much respect to the team at dA who are putting digital art tool in the hands of the artistic population in the digital age. These developers are putting in work to create an accessible experience to any artist.  I am honored to be part of the movement to legitimize digital art and validate it in the 'real art' camp.

Go Practice!