Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Love from the neighbors.

I love this city! The neighbors are crazy talented and even go out of their way to  write some kind words for our audience. My friend Olivia Wright came through my open studio this weekend. She is a local shop owner at a wonderful spot on Alcatraz, between Adeline and Ellis called Terraria.  She is a great photographer and an avid art collector.
Check out her blog post about the visit HERE.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Up in Wired Magazine!

Getting some play in Wired Magazine representing the ever innovating deviantART.

In this article dA explains its new platform for connecting jobs with artists and the market with visual intention.

Big ups to Wired and dA for telling this inspiring story!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Live art with Michael Pollan for his new book Cooked! When your heroes becomes your friends!!!! Love it!

This month I was pleased to join Michael Pollan and do a live art piece as he did a book release reading at Saint George Spirits. Community Grains was the curating team of the event and it was beautifully presented. Loads of unique hotdogs, wicked booze, Dr Seuss/ jazz band orgy looking distilling equipment, and of course my favorite writer of books about the types of food I love to eat. It was awesome. Here is my piece. 
This is the piece painted with acrylic ink and china markers on wood panel. From nothing to a page killer in 2.5 hours!!! Zing!! 

Here are some close ups of the piece. 

Hand painting signs for Digital Detox's Camp Grounded.

I love hand painting signs that I didn't write the copy for. Random bits of info, phrases of obscure truths, copy that is not my own voice. Putting it all on one price of media. All in a good hand style. 
Here is one with multiple levels of lines. Fun! 
Hurry up and Slow Down

Next 4!

All Technology! 

Device Free

Slow Adults

Off the Grid!



Yield to the Present!

Digital deposits!