Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Exciting collection of work for lecture on collaboration, By Forest Stearns

Forest Steans in the studio

Sculptural Painting, Installation @ Freespace SF, Chilling with Michael Covington

BPG Mural Final Concepts

Encounters,  Live Art at Chabot Space Center with Carmen Olson 

Portland Alpha, Photo by Arian Stevens 
Alpha Speculator, Photo by Arian Stevens

Practice Gratitude, Silkscreen Limited Edition Print
Pacific Festival X deviantART Live Art Progress, Irvine CA
Animural Right,  Commission Mural,  Morningstar Clothing Arcata

Animural Middle,  Commission Mural,  Morningstar Clothing Arcata

Alma rEvolution, Multimedia CD Cover 

Artistic Adventures, Apparel deviantART
Words To Live By, Hand Lettering

Camp Grounded Rules, Digital Detox

Back Tattoo, Acrylic Concept Commission

Microsoft Hummingbirds, TV Commercial Animations Concepts

deviantART Redraw Website Launch landing page illustration 

Equis, Acrylic Commission 

Family Portrait, Commission 
Nerdy Bird, deviantART Redraw beta test illustration

Ninja Turtle for Meltdown Comics X deviantART

Art Not Bombs, Apparel Design deviantART
Octo Practice, Collection of Angelo Sotira deviantART

Mission Commute, Collaboration Acrylic with Daniel Herlihy 
Realistic Wasp,  deviantARTmuro beta testing 

Recorded/Animated Illustration for deviantART X Microsoft IE9 Commercial

The End of an Era, Multimedia over Silkscreen

The Look, Acrylic Multimedia

The Reach, Acrylic Multimedia

This Is What Happens, Acrylic Multimedia

Top Hat, Apparel Design deviantART

Fire Festivals Voltron, Logo Commission
Walter Lee, Multimedia CD Cover 

The Yoni Eater, Burning Man Mural
Dragonpark, Oakland Chinatown, Mural at Cultural Center
Tree of Life, Commission Mural, Morningstar Clothing Arcata

Turtle Factory, Four Letters Clothing