Live Art Portfolio

Intro by April Joseph:

     ‘As an audience member during an art lecture and live art performance given by Forest Stearns, I have had the privilege to witness his carefully calculated practice that results in an awe-inspiring work of art. At the live art performance, he stood on stage and constantly glanced over his shoulder to capture a moment in time that defined the event. His ability to capture audience members in his piece is remarkable and shines a light on the audience's important role of a performance. During his art lecture, he explored the theme of creation, how to channel that fire to the canvas, in his own stylistic way. Ultimately, Forest Stearns' work and practice encourages others to push their limits to display their vision.’

 What is Live Art?
By Forest Stearns
   I have had the opportunity to spend hundreds of hours as the live artist, creating narrative lines to multiple musical performances. Live Art is a fast and furious display of energy expanding the auditory experience. When paired with live music, both electronic and instrumental, a large-scale live art piece will be the visual thread that the audience remembers about the performance.
         At first, the non-objective canvas runs parallel with the anxious environment, nondescriptly waiting. It starts as an abstract large-scale canvas, visible from the nosebleed seats. Song after song, as the musicians create their auditory story arc, the art progresses and becomes the corresponding visual thread. A good live artist will be the catalyst for the audience to feel as though they are apart of the performance. A live artist can illustrate audience participation, utilizing the energy that each audience member possesses as he/she actively watches the performance. The audience anticipation leads to an unforgettable culmination in which the audience stands witness to the visual progression of an art piece that so beautifully expands along the backbone of the music.  Seeing the piece unfold and grow to fruition in front of their eyes brings the musical experience to life. As the headliners reach the height of their epic performance, the beautiful live art piece is also at a level of completion. In most cases, an audience member is so excited on the art piece that they may buy it from the artist and take it home to enjoy it there after. After numerous shows, I have had people come to me and say that seeing live art develop with the music was an unforgettable experience. Often the viewer will describe the progression of the piece to me long after I have forgotten the details of making it. It is amazing to have the honor of being the visual activist for an excited audience. 

Live art on Mannequin ©Forest Stearns

Live art  ©Forest Stearns

Live art with Erin Hamilton for Aceyalone and Myka 9 ©Forest Stearns

Live art for Entheogen  ©Forest Stearns

Live art for Glitch Mob at Empire Squared Gallery  ©Forest Stearns

Live art for Glitch Mob at Empire Squared Gallery  ©Forest Stearns

Live art Pacific art Collective with Casey and Tyler Cripe, Carmen Olson, and Erin Hamilton ©Forest Stearns

Live art Tahoe Art Show  ©Forest Stearns

Live art at PEX Summer Fest 3 days poolside ©Forest Stearns

Live art my apartment for a class of high school students  ©Forest Stearns

Live art @ the Dreaming  ©Forest Stearns

Live art  at Tahoe Art Show ©Forest Stearns

Live art at Someone Gallery Portland  ©Forest Stearns